Time Management

     This is something I truly struggle with.  Day in and day out, I’m losing track of time.  The calendar is becoming my close friend, but he taunts me quietly while I continue to fall into terrible time habits.  Most of us have busy schedules,  but the freelance life is a hard one to walk.  It never seems you can disconnect without missing out on something big.  Or may be that is just what I’ve been told, or read, or watched, or something.  I’ve noticed though, that as I allow my attention to turn into a 24/7 obsession with keeping up, it turns into a constricting marathon.  My mind, for lack of a better term, becomes dulled.  There isn’t much time to imagine and dream, when you fill the entirety of said time with stress and plans. The hardest part of being unorganized, is the habit of staying that way.  So, to break that, I’m forcing myself to live by a weekly schedule from 9-5 for a season.  I want time to be my ally, not a nuisance.  Hopefully this encourages some conversation or some tips.