People find so many different things to put faith in nowadays. Jobs, social status, money, sexual orientation, background, art, gender, the list goes on.  Quite frankly, none of it brings anything but emptiness, and no matter how you define yourself, you will not be right.  There will always be people that get under your skin, there will always be something you can’t quite grasp yet, and there will always be something you won’t understand.  

     I’m totally ranting to myself as well as to anyone who will read this.  I personally throw myself so much into my art and money that I am constantly wandering off from what truly fills me.  I allow my life to be characterized by what the world is whispering for me to chase after.  And, I’m tired of people saying, “If you’re not with it, you are against it.”  Jesus does not care what you believe equality looks like, or what you think is fair or unfair. He cares about you, and that is the only definition that will bring you comfort.

     I’m sick of people believing lies of comfort and saying, “I’m just an anxious person,” then living life in fear.  I’m fed up with people putting everything they have into being “gay” or “black” or “woman” while we are all human. I’m disgusted by people that look down on people for being those things, but I’m just as broken up when those people fight back with the same hatred.  I’m blessed to be able to see people accept part of what make them who they are, but when it is taken to the extreme enough to be all you are, it will break and kill you.  

     I’m a Christian that believes there is one Hope for humanity.  I love you, not because you are anything other than an un-deserving human just like I am.   We are all extended the same perfect grace and love.  We all mess up a ton.  We laugh and cry.  If we stand together, stop believing lies that culture is telling us, and begin to just love others well, we will make an indention on each generation.  If we stop telling ourselves we are people living as these silly, unfulfilling and broken names, we can finally live and love with no holds barred.  If we stop putting our identity in imperfect personas and begin living our lives full of our perfect Creator, we will love hard enough to change people’s lives.