I’ve reached a point in my work where I can’t force growth.  I’m learning that taste is an amalgamation of things I like, but more so than naught, things I don’t like.  Allowing myself to give into instinct is proving to be the one consistent piece of my work.  Taste naturally takes a turn to style when it comes to visual art.  The first step as an artist, at least for me, was to do as much work as I possibly could, knowing that my taste had not fully taken form.  In doing this, I learned that most of what I did, especially work done on the fly, I did not appreciate.  May be two images out of one-hundred were good enough that I preferred them, but very few images I could say I actually liked.  As I’ve grown in confidence with my art, I’ve also learned that the healthiest path is one that is filled with experimentation and a lack of stress.  When I constrict my sight to fit a style I want, I end up getting frustrated.  

    Allowing my vision to wander and explore ends up freeing my work from what I want it to be.  Often I let myself fall into the bad habit of overthinking a shot or setup.  It has never done me any good doing that.  I would rather let my ideas flow without constricting them, then try to have too much control over my images.  In that letting go, I learn from that flow, and my work is able to be influenced by the things I enjoy about visual art.