We all have something we are obsessed with.  It normally comes in fits of obsession though, like an album that we constantly listen to or a short film we can’t stop watching.  Whether it inspires, creates, challenges or examines we all have kicks of binging something. Lately, I’ve lost interest in being aware of a Muse, but I was reminded by a photo of my lovely girlfriend.  It was the first time I changed my background screen, and until lately, I’ve forgotten what the feeling of being obsessed with something was like.  Obsessed not in an uncontrollable, chaotic or addictive way,  but more of a beautifully lost, wide-eyed child.  It changes the way you analyze the world around you, or art, or a human.  It’s a Muse, and it’s an attachment that relays your emotion or feelings.  

    My Muse right now, is my lovely girlfriend.  She inspires me to be better each day, and loves me regardless.  So, I decided to create a project around her.  Allowing my different realms to collide, I’m creating a book of photos with her as the subject.  The goal is to show her beauty while also allowing others to see the beauty differently by making her inconspicuous.  

    We as artists should always let our minds wander, and a fixation on something we find beautiful is a great way to organically let that happen.  A lot of my life recently has been finding new ways to grow.  I unintentionally neglected growth by focusing too much on narrowing my views on my own art and inspirations.  I’m learning that having a grateful heart is key to an open mind.  Acknowledging thankfulness as a source of inspiration keeps us joyful and able to chase our dreams.  Never losing heart in our art can be a battle.  That battle can be won by finding our own Muse, and thankfully letting it speak to our soul.