A Prayer for Loss

     Don’t leave my sight.  Don’t allow me to fear that I’m forsaken.  Don’t make me cry.  Don’t let me feel alone.  Don’t.  I will not let myself feel the pain of stolen hope or grovel in an attempt to replace my brokenness with pride.  Give me belief to destroy the unbelief that You are still good.  Let me realize that goodness is You and not something that we created to define you.  Let me abide in You, and I am loved by Love Himself.  Don’t let me forget that death is not the only thing You are sovereign over, and life is Yours as well.  Glory is only attained by not forgetting that all of it belongs to You.  Give me a heart that is not crushed when sin is chosen over righteousness.  Don’t let my anger replace the love I am to have for others, even when his sin steals my promise.  Let my identity be in what I’ve gained through you and not what I’ve lost through my fallen humanity.  

     Love me in my weakness, so You can be shown strong.  Love me in my anger, so I can portray Your patience and elegance.  Love me in my fear, so I can show Your righteous aggression and overwhelming passion.  Love me in my loss, so I can feel Your desire for my heart.  Love me in my rebellion, so I can be the embodiment of Your redemptive power.  Love me in my brokenness, so others can see Your supernatural healing.  

     Call me Your son, and give me Your heart.  I know You hurt when Your children hurt, but ultimately my joy is Your joy.  I am not defeated by any loss of this world, for You won my life in Your death and resurrection. Remind me daily that I am a slave to Your righteousness, and in my broken soul, You make me whole and new.  Thank you for meeting me in my broken place.  Thank You for fighting for us.  Thank You for pursuing us through our darkness.  Thank You for holding us, Father.  Make my life a testament to Your perfect Goodness, so others may know You love too.