I’ve been in a weird headspace.  I guess it’s more of a mechanism of defense from what I don’t feel comfortable with.  That said, it’s not exactly the worst place I could be in my mind.  I’m coming to a point where I’m ok with being uncomfortable and relying on the Lord to shape my path.  Sometimes it’s just more strenuous than others.  

     Most of the time I have a specific lesson I’m learning, but lately I’ve just been coping with change.  As anything with creativity acts, there are pivotal points that shape your career.  In the same way, life seems to happen, which shifts the way your creativity flows.  Sometimes this occurs in writer’s block or laziness, and other times it boosts productivity.  Nonetheless, coping always has to exist in order for us to keep up with our ever-changing selves.

     Recently I’ve started a study called “Mourning and Dancing” on an app called He Reads Truth. It is a study of living in freedom beyond situations to be mourned.  Even if you are not a believer in Jesus, there is real truth that I’ve found that anyone can relate to.  Jesus teaches us that there are times to be truly mournful, but there comes a time to forgive and allow ourselves to heal to dance another day.  I can’t remember a time that I’ve felt more vulnerable in my personal walk, so I thought I would just share the chaos in my head on how I’m coping with things.  This definitely isn’t as eloquent as I would like it to sound, but it definitely reflects my heart right now.